You get 90 days of UNLIMITED Observer Assessments at no extra charge.

Get the fascinating insight of how others perceive you on the color-coded Platinum Rule™ eGraph. You might be quite surprised because people frequently see themselves differently than how others see them. With The Platinum Rule™ Observer Assessment, you can acquire a unique 360-degree view of yourself by inviting an unlimited number of observers within the next 90 days to complete an assessment on you, as they see you.

Invite your friends and family to take the same assessment you just took, on your behalf. You simply type in the first name and email address of business colleagues, clients, friends and family and - that’s it. We do the rest. We send them an email note from you inviting them to complete the assessment as they see you. You get to view your personal eGraph that keeps track of and plots all the different ways people see you.

You will enjoy seeing the difference in how your family and friends see you versus how your co-workers or social friends see you versus how you see yourself. The confidentiality of each observer is preserved - you just see the colored dots, not the observer’s name - that way, everyone feels free to be as open and honest as possible in answering the assessment questions about you.

How valuable would it be to know exactly how your friends, co-workers, and family members perceive you? Do you think it might substantially increase your compatibility with other people? You bet it would!