The Platinum Rule PDF E-workbook

FREE PDF eWorkbook: The Platinum Rule (Sells for $13.95)

The Platinum Rule workbook is what you need to communicate and win; understand what people REALLY want and what they fear most. With this discovery you understand how to spot each behavioral style. You start seeing your family and friends in a whole new -- more understanding - way. The response you get from them will astonish you.

Discover which style seeks power and which one wants results. Who loves consistency and who fears change. This knowledge shows you how to sell your ideas and win people over. Use The Platinum Rule workbook to put yourself and your projects in the best position to win.

The Platinum Rule helps you unlock 3 keys to your success:

  1. Understand your own style so you leverage your strengths and avoid your weaknesses.
  2. Identify other people's styles so you can treat them the way THEY want to be treated.
  3. Know when and how to make tiny shifts to your own behavior so people feel warm and relaxed around you. They rapidly develop a sense of openness and trust with you.

Topics include:

The Platinum Rule MP3

FREE MP3 Audio: The Platinum Rule MP3 (Sells for $14.95)

It was July 14th. We were all gathered in the Grand Ballroom of the Orlando Marriott. Dr. Tony Alessandra finally steps off the stage, but the crowd of over 2,000 speakers were still on their feet. Dr. Tony had just given the speech of his life.

Lucky for you and me, the speech was recorded and caught every word, every laugh, and every nugget-of-wisdom Tony had to share that day. Now you can laugh as you learn how to gain instant rapport and get along with anybody you meet no matter who they are.

That day, Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of 13 books, veteran of over 2,000 paid speeches, taught over 2,000 people the easiest, most fun way to master the skill of human relations. Now he wants to teach you too.

Yes. There have been countless books and videos produced on this subject, but if you weren’t in Orlando, you have not seen the best of the best. And it was magic.

After you listen to this MP3, you’ll understand why corporations like IBM, Ford, AT&T and numerous other Fortune 500 companies are willing to pay Tony thousands of dollars for 60 minutes of his time.

But don’t be fooled. Even though Tony keeps you laughing, he doesn’t forget to deliver powerful content. Apply the simple techniques Tony shares with you and you get immediate results.

Dr. Tony has spent over 29 years tweaking his findings into two simple questions. Know the answers to these two questions, along with some additional knowledge Tony shares with in this highly entertaining MP3, and you hold the key to one of the most powerful human relationship concepts in the world.

P.S. Listen to this MP3 and I guarantee when you’re finished you’ll walk away with some new insights, new strategies, and new techniques that will help you deal more effectively with people and gain instant rapport. Plus you’ll have lots of fun.