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Here’s What Others Say About Platinum Rule

“[This] work brilliantly provides effective insights for improving communication in any and all situations.”
John Gray
, Ph.D., Author,
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

“[This concept] is Chicken Soup for the Head! It gives fun and useful insights as to how to enhance both business and personal relationships.”
Jack Canfield
, Co-author,
Chicken Soup for the Soul

“[This concept] breaks all the old rules of communications. It is full of take action strategies that cut like a laser to the heart of the human personality... yours and your customer’s. Don’t underestimate (its) power. A learning and earning tool for the times.”
Harvey Mackay
, Author,
Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

“[This] is the priceless key to unlocking the door to empowerment, productivity and all business and personal relationships. It is simply the most important leadership concept I have learned in all of my life!”
Denis Waitley
, Author,
Empires of the Mind and The Psychology of Winning

“This will help everyone in their daily interaction with other people by allowing a clear understanding of what style will work with each individual. Much helpful and empowering information.”
Les Brown
, CPAE, Author,
Live Your Dreams

“This is a hoot! You’ll recognize yourself and all your contacts immediately. Now you can work in a group, sell a concept, negotiate a contract, even be a better dating partner, simply by appealing to other’s needs on their level. THIS will be your most precious resource.”
Kathy Levine
Host, HSN on TV

“Insightful, spiritual and practical, all packed into one powerful [concept].”
Wayne Dyer
, Author, Your Erroneous Zones and
Your Sacred Self

“As technology expands, human skills will be even more vital to keep us connected beyond the electronic level. [This] shows you how to transcend technology and get spectacular results with people.”
Daniel Burrus
, Technology Forecaster, Author,

“ [This program] is a must for all of us who want to be better in our interactions with others.”
Ken Blanchard
, Co-author, The One-Minute Manager and
Whale Done

“Apply [these ideas] to your own activities, each day, and watch your career and your life change for the better.”
Og Mandino
Author/ Speaker

“Lots of very practical information about how to get in the “other person’s shoes” and exceed their expectations. [It] teaches you how to surprise, not just satisfy, the customer and lead, not follow, the competition. It’s worth more than gold for anyone in business.”
Robert Kriegel
, Ph.D., Author, If It Ain't Broke...Break It and
Sacred Cows Make The Best Burgers

“An extremely useful and illuminating [concept] on leadership styles -- but more importantly: [one] that will give all managers some important insights about themselves.”
Warren Benis
, Distinguished Professor and Founding Chairman of USC’s Leadership Institute, Author, On Becoming a Leader, An Invented Life, and
Why Leaders Can’t Lead

“A blueprint for getting everything you want.”
Mark Victor Hansen
, Co-author,
Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

“The ability to communicate effectively with others is the key to success and happiness. [This is] the most important, practical, and effective [concept] ever imagined.”
Brian Tracy
, Author,
Maximum Achievement

“[This] is communication and relationship genius, translated into a very simple, daily philosophical approach that gets results.”
Jim Rohn
, CPAE, Author,
The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle

“[This concept] not only explains why we’re so successful with some people while getting nowhere with others, [it] unlocks the doors to communicating with the very people we’ve found to be most difficult!”
Paul and Sarah Edwards
, Authors, Making It on Your Own

“Understanding not only your own personality type, but also that of others is vitally important to all relationships. Whether you are looking for help with personal or professional relationships, you will find easy to apply answers in [this program].”
Florence Littauer
, President, CLASS Speakers, Inc. Speaker/Author,
Personality Plus, Put Power in Your Personality

“It will not only teach you extraordinarily valuable relationship skills, but entertain you and inspire you to action as well!”
Don Hutson
, Author,
The Sale

“This approach to dealing with people has been instrumental in our success. It really works!”
Lou Alesi
President/CEO, InterMetro Industries

“Getting along with people, whether professionally or personally, is what life’s all about.”
Bob Russell
President, Axeda

The practical, yet powerful, advice on adapting and obtaining real business results can improve relationships on the front lines of contact.”
Dr. Anthony Wild
President & CEO, Warner-Lambert

“As the word indicates, [this] represents a “Precious Treasure” for those seeking rewarding relationships in both business and life.”
Jeff Olson
, former Founder, President & CEO, The Peoples Network

[This is] a stunning strategy for breaking through the communications barrier.”
Doris Christopher
, Founder & President, The Pampered Chef

“In a world dominated by technology, [this] is a refreshing masterpiece on the importance of the human element in leadership; a new road map on how to achieve business and personal goals through understanding and adjusting to the various behavioral styles of the people we deal with.”
Jack I. Criswell, CSE
, Executive Director, Sales and Marketing Executive, International

“When you understand the person, it’s amazing what you can accomplish. It will enable you to build lasting business and personal relationships with anyone. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to get things done with people - which is just about everyone.
Roger J. Dow
, Vice President, General Sales Manager, Marriott International

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